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New cria's at their new home in Pomona: 


Dandaloo Diego DOB: 9/4/13   Dandaloo Daffodil DOB 1/5/13




Auction 18.July 2010 pictures:
                 Registration  Desk                                                 Venue at Dandaloo                                                      The Spinners & Weavers Stand

All ready, set, go                                                            Ahh you young ones-sit down                                 Qld Rural Supplies  Stall from Gympie                                                                       
Mmmh can I have some?                                                      Checking out what's on offer                            The auctioneer's in action

A few more auction scenes. Thank you to Connie & Roz from the Spinners & Weavers, Qld Rural Supplies and Greystones paddock vac
A good day was held by all 6 studs and all bidders and the seed was planted to repeat it very soon! 
Participating studs along Dandaloo Alpacas were: Humhaven Alpacas, Kiambram Alpacas, Samsuri Alpacas, Shiann Alpacas and Weluv Alpacas

We are proud to introduce you to our newest arrivals here at Dandaloo in 2010.
                                                               Dandaloo Dunhill (M) LBR born Feb 2010
                                                               Dandaloo Diva (F) SLF born March 2010
 Dandaloo Duke (M) SLBR born 6.January 2009
Did you know?
Alpacas are closely related to Llamas, they form a group of four species known as the South American Camelids. These are: Alpaca, Llama, Vicuna and Guanaco.

How many alpacas per hectare depends on the DSE ( Dry Sheep Equivalent) of your area. You can check this with your Department of Primary Industries. As a guide the DSE/ha in good soil and high rainfall might sustain 10DSE/ha where as in dryland areas it might only be 1.5DSE/ha.

The alpaca menu consist of pastures and/or Hay and/or Alpaca mix. They are grazers in principal and love browsing. Beware of toxic plants in the garden e.g. Oleander, Rhododendrons, Bougainvillea, Azalia, Frangipani etc and check your pastures regularly for noxious weeds such as Fireweed, Patterson's curse, Deadly Nightshades etc. Alpacas need to have access to good quality drinking water.


Download Information Sheets courtesty of The Australian Alpaca Association:-

Body Condition
Herd Protectors

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